Latest printing technology

Limitless Design

Good for outside use

1440 dpi resolution

A variety of uses

Office partitions using EVOPRINT

Vector design

Ceramic print on building facade

1440 dpi resolution

Over 40 square meters printed surface

BE CREATIVE!...Imagination is the only limit

EVOPRINT opens unlimited opportunities for letting imagination go free…because now it is possible!

EVOPRINT is weather independent

Based on the technology and tests, now you can let EVOPRINT out in the heavy weather with no worry. It is 25 years guaranteed! *

* against UV, fading and discoloration

EVOPRINT – for both exterior and interior

Printed straight on glass surface. Digitally. Full color. 1440 dpi resolution . Perfect combination for facades. And for partitioning. And for designer series. And for railings. And for every glass you can think off.

30 / 94 543

Among only 30 companies across Europe producing this kind of glass.

120 / 2 394 273

Only 120 companies in the world are able to manufacture ceramic ink printed glass.

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