Photographic resolution of 1440 dpi

For exterior and interior use

UV and solvent resistant

Extended life time for our glass

Scratch resistant

Digital control for printing transparency


Scratch Resistant

Can be used as floor

Even against abrasive materials

Can be destroyed only by breaking the glass

Ink thickness makes no difference

Perfect transparent areas are possible

Very large resolutions can be acheived with vector images.

Other components can be glued on the ink layer

Multiple ink layers

Automotive industry approved ink and printing technology

Best print resolution

Maximum opacity layer

Windshield adhesives compatible

Benefits of EVOPRINT ceramic printed glass

Photographic resolution of 1440 dpi

Your glass will be printed at a photographic resolution, with the highest level of detail. The source image can be in .TIF, .JPEG, .AI, .CDR, .EPS or .PDF format.

Detaliu fotografic sticla printata ceramic.

For exterior and interior use

Ceramic ink is made of glass particles, ceramics and a binder. After tempering, the color is fixed into the glass mass, so it will not be affected by weather or UV.

Sticla printata ceramic se foloseste la exterior si la interior

Wide range of applications

EVOPRINT means photographic details on glass for a wide range of uses due to resistance against humidity, solvents, acids or chemical basis.

Ceramic ink = Extended life time for our glass

The type of ink used and the printing technology allow the color to fuse with the glass mass, having a life time similar to the glass.

Ceramic ink = Scratch resistant

Due to ceramic components of the ink and the fixing on the glass at more than 650 C, the ink actually fuses with the glass so it becomes scratch resistant.

Digital control for printing transparency

After design stage, based on image processing software, we can control transparency up to 100%, for different points and area of your image.


You have full support in the design stage in order for you to get the best images. Afterwards, we will simulate and test your print and then you will receive samples of the final print.

Large images

For large images please use vector files as source image. If this is not possible, we will try to scale it for you.

Calibrated monitors

We only use Eizo professional monitors, especially calibrated for image processing. This is why you get the most accurate and real image before printing.

Extended gamut

Our printer uses 6 standard colors + 2 special colors, so we can deliver an extended range of colors. Please use CMYK source image and we will process it for you.